As promised, I’ll attack your top ten questions with 100% honesty– here goes!

#1) How big were the bugs?
Answer: quite large.  I had foolishly looked at picture books of Borneo wildlife before my departure as I was trying to prepare myself for flying snakes, spiders the size of my face, all that good stuff.  Fortunately for me, we didn’t see too many creepy-crawlies.  One thing that was helpful was that the rest of the team loved this kind of thing so if a bug crossed our path instead of being squashed, it was more likely picked up and admired. (I’ll admit that I too admired the bugs, from a safe distance).  I’m working on it, ok?

#2) What was the hardest part of the trip?
Answer: Saying goodbye to the team after it was over.  Leaving the longhouse community at Ensaid Panjang.  And there were some animal sacrifices I could have done without.

#3) Did you know the history of the Dayak‘s before going to Borneo?
Answer: That they were head hunters?  Yes, I was aware.

#4) Best part of the 20 days?
Answer:  There were obviously a lot of highlights but probably the biggest was rescuing and getting to know little Miss JoJo.  It was fascinating to watch her personality emerge as she grew comfortable with her new enclosure. This was my first interaction with an orangutan and she certainly set the bar high.  I know her release into the wild is years away because she has many skills to learn, but I know she’ll do just fine out there in her “real” home.

#5) What did you eat?
Answer: Rice with a side of rice.  And more rice.  And delicious fruits, and rice.  Sometimes ferns from the rainforest.  Rice.  Tofu and vegetable stew stuff.  Topped off with rice.

#6) Weather?
Answer: Hot and I loved it.  There has always been something wrong with my internal thermometer, thus the reason it’s not unusual to find me bundled up in layers on a warm day.  Equator/ jungle temps suited me just fine.  While others were melting, I was comfortably plodding along.  Honestly, it was in the nineties most days and very humid.  My kinda weather!  It was supposed to be turning from the dry season to the wet season during our trip, but it only rained 2-3 times.

#7) Who was your favorite Eco-Warrior?
Answer: Ha!!  For realz.  I’ve never been a part of a group with this much energy.  Our passion and dedication is so similar, and that gives me such hope for this project and it feels incredibly powerful.  We formed a special little family during our 20 days.  We experienced and saw some intense stuff, felt heartbreak together and positively cracked each other up.  They are some wonderful people and I am excited to introduce some of them to you through this blog.  A little guest-blogging if you will.

#8) When are you going back to Borneo?
Answer: We are hoping to return in late February/March and I can’t wait!  Also, I’m nervous!  But, mainly just extremely excited!

#9) Did you get sick?
Answer: Oh yes.  Food poisoning two days before I came back to the States.  All I could think of as I spent the entire night by myself in the bathroom (hey pity party!) was “what if I’m THIS sick during my 4 flights home?!” Thank goodness it passed quickly, although at the time it felt like it would never end.  Borneo = not the place you want to be sick.

#10) What’s the project called again?
Answer: DeforestACTION.  De-for-est-ACTION!  Use “the Google!

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