The möbius circle is continuing, parts in darkness, parts in light, always continuing.

Today it felt like I was stuck in darkness.  Of course, most extended travel follows a rollerrcoaster of extreme highs and extreme lows.  My day of darkness included feelings of great inability to make even a dent of positive change in the spiraling devastation to Borneo.  Last week a palm oil company in Sumatra set massive fires to the forest in an effort to clear the land quickly.  And so with the raging fires come reports that the last of the orangutans in Sumatra might be wiped out in a matter of weeks.  Obviously the orangutans are not the only precious animals caught in the middle of such evil.  Sitting with JoJo and Juvi today, it all felt pretty hopeless.  What does their future look like?  Is there any land that is a safe release spot for them?  What is my role in all of this?

And yet in the darkness there is always a drop of light.  My afternoon consisted of an inspiring conversation with Ali, a former manager of an orangutan center in Borneo.  With years of experience in this field, he shared stories of overwhelming emotion.  The moment when you carry a rehabilitated primate into a safe forest and lift the door of the cage one final time.  The brightness in the orangutans’ eyes when they realize their training is complete, they are free.  He shared the exuberance in his young son’s voice when he saw his first wild orangutan swinging high in the canopy of the rainforest.  Such beauty and freedom when any creature is able to live out the life they are meant to have.

Tomorrow is another day- fortunately for me the möbius circle is continuing and there will be parts of light ahead.

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